Triggers for Market Research

Customer Satisfaction Measurement – ‘Your customers have all the answers’

Key questions you need to ask:

How important are your business’ products, services, core competences, and support to customers?
How much satisfaction do they derive from each of these?
Is there a gap that needs to be filled between the importance customers attach and the level of satisfaction they derive?
How can we reduce this gap?
What exactly best explains customer satisfaction to ensure they keep coming back to us


Advertising Effectiveness

  • Pre-campaign concept testing
  • Post campaign tracking of:
  • Company awareness
  • Product/service awareness
  • Image
  • Ad content recall
  • Customer reaction
  • ‘Call-to-action’

New Product Development Feasibility Studies

  • Product screening
  • Product testing
  • Test Marketing
  • Post launch acceptability studies

New Business Start-up Feasibility Studies

  • Market structure, profile, trading conditions
  • Competitive analysis
  • Consumer reaction to business concept
  • Uptake likelihood
  • Post launch research
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